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Our Story (as told by Grace Kim Robbings, Co-Founder and Reuben’s Mama)

Although only a month old at the time, our clever, thoughtful son, Reuben, came up with the idea of giving Adam a homebrewing kit for his birthday. When Reuben and I took Adam to Bob’s (our friendly, neighborhood homebrew supply store) to pick up his kit, I was expecting to pick up a little tin of “beer mix” and a bucket to brew. We were a bit surprised and overwhelmed by the seriousness of this beer-brewing business. I thought, “Oh great, there’s more storage space gone once Adam gives up on this little hobby in a month’s time.” Even though I rarely admit to being wrong now that we’re married, I couldn’t have been farther from the mark thinking that this would be an easily discarded hobby. The first brewing system has been dwarfed by the upgraded and supersized brewhouse, and there has been no chance for the mash tun, brew kettle, or hot liquor tank to gather any dust! Adam’s hobby turned into full-blown obsession, and in tribute to the little man who started it all, Reuben’s Brews was born!

I was a little worried that I would have to choke down Adam’s first brew, an IPA, while smiling politely. Luckily, I was proven wrong again. From the word go Adam has been brewing brilliantly tasty beers. (Indeed, some award-winning, tasty beers!) As an insider on the whole process and the man behind it, I have come up with a number of reasons that Adam is such an outstanding brewer:

It’s in his blood. This Brit is passionate about his beer! He’s been “researching” the flavours and aromas that he likes for the past few decades. The irony is now that he is able to brew such great beer at home, he has a hard time finding a brew he likes to drink when he returns to the motherland!
Adam soaks up information about brewing like a sponge. To say that he is obsessed is an understatement. Adam has been devouring information about brewing methods, ingredients, tools, techniques, etc. with an insatiable hunger. He completed a UC Davis intensive brewing program, and he spends countless hours trolling beer blogs and sites for information. He gets so excited about developing new beers in different styles that he has to prioritize the waitlist!
Adam is so methodical in his brewing that it’s almost possible to see exactly how the art and the science merge into a brilliantly tasty beer. In his day job he’s trained to be exact and calculating, and it overlaps into his other activities… you should see this man on the grill–perfectly sliced vegetables, perfectly spaced in rows, scored by perfect grill marks! His meticulous manner helps him brew deliciously crafted beers, and he would accept nothing less!
Adam’s sense of taste is the best around. (And I’m not just talking about his taste in a spouse!) This is a man who thinks celery tastes so strong he can’t eat anything that touches it! Adam uses this sense of taste in his brewing—he can taste all of the elements of a beer, and more than that, he understands how to change it to make it better. He is constantly developing new recipes, and his beers continue to evolve until Adam’s exacting taste says it’s the perfect recipe.

Other than the day our son was born and our wedding day, I’ve never seen Adam happier than when he was serving his fellow beer lovers at our first ever beer festival. His infectious passion for his beer came through, and it won the people’s choice award. If he wasn’t addicted to brewing before, there was no stopping it after that great night. For Adam brewing delicious beer truly is a labour of love, and thankfully he won’t be giving it up any time soon. Adam loves creating tasty beers, and he’s committed to getting them into the hands of those who will enjoy the fruits of his labor.

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Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 3pm to 9pm. Friday, Saturday, Sunday - noon to 9pm.

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